July 2007
Enso Technologies, Inc. rolls out it's Managed Services Infrastructure Program!  This program provides a flat-fee pricing model, allowing clients to focus on their business, and not their technology, while receiving 24 x7 Monitoring!  Read more here 


 July 2007
Enso Technologies, Inc. assists an area financial institution with a full project lifecycle for its disaster recovery requirements using a combination of Neverfail for actual recovery, and a build-out of its Active Directory environment.  Now they have Exchange, SQL Server, and other applications protected!

April 2007
Enso continues to work with the leading manufacturer of enterprise data storage to bring best practices in messaging and virtualization technologies to the Federal Government






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 A lot of Companies Sell Licensing - Why Enso?

Cost.  We are one of the lowest cost sources for legitimate Microsoft Volume Licensing programs anywhere in the nation.  We work with multiple distributors to ensure that you receive the best price available!

Knowledge.  We not only handle licensing, but we also offer architecture and implementation services of Microsoft solutions.  This means that we understand what the software is capable of, and can help you be sure that the software being selected will meet your business / technology requirement.   

Service.  Quick turn around on Volume Licensing programs.  Enso knows each of it's customers; you are not just an account or customer number.  We pride ourselves on creating lasting business relationships, and understanding your business and it's needs.  We are easy to do business with.

Experience.  Enso is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Licensing, and has been offering licensing solutions for a number of years.  We've established key strategic relationships within the Microsoft Licensing organization - so your most complex licensing needs can be easily met.

Variety.  We offer the full suite of Microsoft Volume Licensing programs, and can help you find the right licensing program to meet your needs.  The wrong program can cost you more than you need to and should be paying for licensing.  Many larger resellers "push" the licensing programs that they get the most incentive for, or whatever program that they offer, and not the program that is the best for the customer.

           ... Why Not My Local Computer Store?

Your local computer store may be a good option - but it depends on how many computers you are licensing, and what your goals are.  We understand that licensing can be complex.  Don't let the perceived complexity keep you from getting the licensing that works best for your company, not to mention the licensing that will save you money!

What is a Software License?

A software license grants you the right to run or access a software program. Licensing software is different from purchasing a car or house in that you have the right to run the software but there are ongoing requirements that determine how the software can be used. These requirements include such things as transferring software to other users and downgrading to earlier versions of the software.

Microsoft software licenses generally come with one of two kinds of agreements that specify how you may use the software. The first kind, and the one most users are familiar with, is Microsoft Software License Terms, formerly known as the end user license agreement or EULA. If you have ever acquired a license for software from a retailer or purchased a new computer with software already installed, then you have probably seen Microsoft Software License Terms. The license terms generally either come in the box on paper or cardstock or pop up onscreen when you install new software. You typically must accept the terms and conditions before installing the software.

The Product Use Rights (PUR) is similar to the Microsoft Software License Terms except that it pertains to software licensed through a Microsoft Volume Licensing program. The PUR, together with the Microsoft Volume Licensing program agreement under which a license is acquired, governs the use of Microsoft Volume Licensing software.

What are the Software Licensing Options?

Software licensing options differ greatly depending on the number of licenses being purchased, the size and type of organization purchasing the license, the future upgrade options that the the purchasing company desires, and payment options available.  Microsoft offers programs catering to organizations starting with as few as 5 desktops.  The licensing programs are (click on each link for a detailed description of each program):

  • The Microsoft Open License Agreement

  • The Microsoft Open Value Agreement

  • The Microsoft Select Agreement

  • The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

  • The Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement

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