August 2008
Enso Technologies, Inc. assists with the transition to the next President of the United States!  Enso Technologies has been selected to be a part of the Presidential Transition Team (PTT).  Enso is providing solution architecture and IT infrastructure guidance  

 May 2008
Enso Technologies, Inc. assists the United States National Park Service to implement a new collaboration and messaging infrastructure!  NPS turned to Enso to bring this set of solutions to its 25,000+ users! 



Superior Solutions Through Partnerships
To deliver the best possible services to our clients, Enso establishes partnerships with industry leading technology firms and organizations. Relationships with these industry leaders enable us to evaluate the needs of our clients on a case-by-case basis and make technology decisions specific to their IT environments and business needs. As a result, solutions to our clients' problems are not driven by bias, but by business and technology drivers.
Strategic and Technical Partnerships
We have two main types of partnerships: strategic and technical. An example of a strategic partner would be Microsoft. Enso and Microsoft are working together to bring leading edge technology solutions to both of our clients. We are participating on joint sales calls, account planning, strategy and architecture meetings, speaking engagements and technology training. This relationship combines the best of Microsoft tools and technology with Enso's advanced IT infrastructure skills, and delivers them to the end customer.
Technical partnerships allow us to leverage a software provider's tools and technical expertise and keep us on the cutting edge of technology. One of our technical partners is Hewlett Packard.  This relationship allows Enso to leverage technologies from Hewlett Packard / Compaq - and provide superior solutions to our clients.
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