August 2008
Enso Technologies, Inc. assists with the transition to the next President of the United States!  Enso Technologies has been selected to be a part of the Presidential Transition Team (PTT).  Enso is providing solution architecture and IT infrastructure guidance  

May 2008
Enso Technologies, Inc. assists the United States National Park Service to implement a new collaboration and messaging infrastructure!  NPS turned to Enso to bring this set of solutions to its 25,000+ users! 



Build and plan technology properly, implement it once - and gain business value quickly.

The height of achievement for a project is when the customer is pleased with the overall implementation; which solves business problems, automates technology functions where ever possible, and maximizes user productivity and uptime.

Many companies have their own internal IT staff for care and feeding of their infrastructure.  Enso can supplement the internal IT staff of a company to complete a project - or can supply a subject matter expert/principal consultant on a specific technology.  We specialize on the requirements set forth by the business, and can work within budgetary and other technology restraints.

We work closely with each customer to assist with the realization of business goals and integration of existing technology.  We understand terms such as 'budget', and work with clients to establish a short and long term technology approach that works with your financial constraints.

We utilize a variety of project and lifecycle methodologies to bring our customer's success.  Many clients have already subscribed to a certain methodology (ITIL, Six Sigma, MSF/MOF etc.), and others are looking to implement one into their environment.  Enso consultants can work within an already implemented process, or can assist with the implementation of a methodology into the environment.

We never lose sight of key concepts - which include one pinnacle key - technology is driven by the business process and requirement - period.  We realize that your line of business is your specialty, technology is our specialty - customers look to your business for best solutions, look to us for your technical solutions!

Our core competencies include:

Directory Services Design, Implementation, Training, & Maintenance

Security Solutions Design, Security Tests, Implementation & Maintenance

Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration Design, Implementation, Training  & Maintenance

Licensing Assistance - Microsoft Software Advising

Business Solutions for Customer Resource Management (CRM)

Monitoring, Control, and Distribution Design, Implementation, Training, & Maintenance

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