August 2008
Enso Technologies, Inc. assists with the transition to the next President of the United States!  Enso Technologies has been selected to be a part of the Presidential Transition Team (PTT).  Enso is providing solution architecture and IT infrastructure guidance  

May 2008
Enso Technologies, Inc. assists the United States National Park Service to implement a new collaboration and messaging infrastructure!  NPS turned to Enso to bring this set of solutions to its 25,000+ users! 

Access to Messaging from anywhere - - Enterprise Messaging & Collaboration Solutions

Designing, Implementing, Training, and Maintaining messaging and collaboration services to create a truly connected business environment to streamline process and knowledge management. Messaging includes access to email locally from a specific location - as well as remotely over The Internet, instant messaging, and remote wireless messaging.  Other solutions will interact with all of these technologies - such as anti-spam and email focused anti-virus solutions.

This will allow the customer's employees to make use of a single messaging infrastructure to connect to others in the environment.  Microsoft's Exchange, SendMail, Lotus Notes, and Novell GroupWise are common messaging solutions in the enterprise.

Instant messaging solutions are  implemented in corporate networks to facilitate a need for real-time e-communication.  Common uses for instant messaging are for users to communicate with a service/help desk, and to alleviate the mail infrastructure from specific back-and-forth style messaging.

Remote Wireless access to messaging has grown substantially over the last 4 years.  Common products include Research In Motion (RIM)'s Blackberry solution, NSET's METAMessage solution, and of course Microsoft's Outlook Mobile Access (OMA).

All of these solutions may enhance the business process in which a company follows to communicate information.  The addition of real-time solutions being available increases the timeliness of important information to executes or business stakeholders.

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