April 2007
Enso continues to work with the leading manufacturer of enterprise data storage to bring best practices in messaging and virtualization technologies to the Federal Government.



Providing Tools to Small Businesses

Enso Technologies has been bringing enterprise best practices to smaller and medium sized clients.  Enterprise portals for staff collaboration and document management, remote connectivity and virtual private network (VPN) functionality, self-monitoring management systems, etc have been in use in larger enterprises for years, and is now available to companies of all sizes.  Vendors such as Microsoft and Cisco have introduced solutions that offer true enterprise functionality, at a fraction of the cost.

Enso has been an established Microsoft Small Business Partner since the program's inception.  In fact, Enso was one of the first 100 companies to earn the Small Business Specialist designation.  The benefits of using a using a Microsoft Small Business Specialist:

  • Peace of Mind You can feel confident knowing that Microsoft Small Business Specialists have the technical training and commitment to support your specific technology challenges.

  • Efficiency Microsoft Small Business Specialists are experts in small business technology. They can help you choose and implement the right solution for your business quickly and easily, saving you time and money.

You might ask; why should I consider a Microsoft Small Business Specialist to assist me?

  • Well, Since the IT needs and resources of a small business are different from that of a large organization, so is the Microsoft Small Business Specialist. A Small Business Specialist often acts as both a consultant and as a de-facto onsite IT professional designing, configuring, implementing and maintaining IT solutions for a small businesses.

  • Hiring a Microsoft Small Business Specialist will help you quickly and very easily identify the technical partner that is best suited to support your needs. They can identify solutions that will drive more efficiency in your business processes and extend your company's capabilities to work with customers, suppliers and vendors.

Contact Enso to find out how your small or medium sized business can leverage large enterprise functionality, customized for YOUR business!

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