August 2008
Enso Technologies, Inc. assists with the transition to the next President of the United States!  Enso Technologies has been selected to be a part of the Presidential Transition Team (PTT).  Enso is providing solution architecture and IT infrastructure guidance 

May 2008
Enso Technologies, Inc. assists the United States National Park Service to implement a new collaboration and messaging infrastructure!  NPS turned to Enso to bring this set of solutions to its 25,000+ users! 






















News @ Enso
Items happen at the speed of technology - regular updates will allow you to stay on top of it all.

08.01.08 - Enso is chosen to assist with the design, implementation and maintenance of the infrastructure for the next President of The United States!

05.01.08 - Enso wins the design, implementation, and training of a nationwide Federal Government Agency.  The technologies include Microsoft Exchange, Office Communications Server, Office SharePoint Server, Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA Server) and others!

07.03.07 - Enso achieves new Microsoft Gold Partner Competencies - Congratulations to all that made this possible! More info on these competencies are here.

05.01.07 - Enso wins the design, implementation, and training of a local financial institution's disaster recovery project.

04.15.07 - Enso begins conversations with a local financial institution concerning their Disaster Recovery requirements.

04.01.07 - Enso consultants being reviewing the requirements for a cabinet level Federal Agency wanting to migrate from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007.

02.23.07 - Enso assists a leading Federal Agency with implementing and maintaining it's infrastructure.

06.01.06 - Enso Technologies guides and implement Microsoft's Small Business Server for one of the nation's top lobbyist firms!

04.16.06 - Enso Technologies provides a Federal Agency with the head Solution Architect for the entire department.

03.24.06 - Enso Technologies provides an Exchange Architect to one for the top Federal Agencies!

03-15-06 - Enso Technologies designs an Active Directory and Exchange implementation for the General Council for a Federal Agency.

01-05-06 - Enso Technologies performs a rapid design and implementation for one of the nations largest libraries.

04-11-05 -  Enso Technologies begins work for a Federal Government agency.  The work includes Exchange 2003 Consulting with focus on Blackberry & MetaMessage.

03-01-05 -  Enso Technologies begins work for a leading information research consulting organization!  The work includes a rapid deployment of SMS 2003 in the US & UK.

08-24-04 -  Enso Technologies begins work for a State Government Law Enforcement agency!  The work includes Active Directory 2000/2003 redesign & Exchange 2000/2003 Clusters.

06-24-04 -  Enso establishes a strategic partnership with the government arm of a leading systems integrator.  Enso Technologies, Inc will provide technical expertise to this partner to service federal agencies with their infrastructure projects.

04-24-04 -  Enso renews it's partnership with Cisco Systems.  Enso Technologies, Inc has once again renewed it's partnership with Cisco Systems Incorporated, leader in worldwide enterprise level internetworking equipment.

04-19-04 - Enso Technologies does it again!  A 4000+ user, worldwide design (including a discovery process), migration plan, and implementation process for Microsoft's Active Directory and Exchange 2003.  Discovery and design has begun!

04-16-04 - Enso successfully completes Systems Management Server 2003 design and implementation for a 7000+ employee law firm!

04-16-04 - Enso Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has strengthened it's position in the industry by establishing a strategic working relationship with a leading software company and its consulting division.

04-01-04 - Enso reaffirms it's commitment to Microsoft's newly announced Gold Partner Program.  Enso Technologies, Inc. has announced it's intention to pursue this coveted program title.

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